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Juniper GIS provides the services to get your GIS started or to take your current program to the next level.

  • Needs assessment studies
  • System design
  • Geodatabase development
  • Implementation plans
  • Project design
  • Long-term planning
  • Data conversion
  • GIS customization
  • Software setup



GIS Services

The Juniper GIS project team includes professionals with diverse and complementary geographic information system (GIS) skills who have the experience to tackle a GIS project. The industry experience of this highly qualified team includes agriculture, forestry, irrigation, utilities, and local government.

The following is a sample of GIS projects which illustrate the range of services available. (These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0. If you don't currently have a copy of this program, you can download a free copy here)

Using GIS to help Monitor coral reef health in Mexico coral_reefs.jpg
Comparing Population Density in Central Oregon 1990-2000 population.jpg
Mapping Wildland Fire Hazard Zones in Deschutes County , Oregon fire_hazard.jpg
Determining Percentage of Soil Types within Grazing Permit areas soil_types.jpg
Converting AutoCAD Maps to a Geodatabase converting_autocad.jpg
Developing a cost-effective GIS across multiple government agencies cost_effective.jpg
Analyzing Water Tables in the Walla Walla Water Basin water_table.jpg