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“Great teaching style. Great instructor. Lots of hands-on exercises made it easy to understand more useful tools. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.”

“It was a very pleasing experience. We covered things I already do, but I learned different ways to approach the data I work with.”

“This is my third class with Juniper and all were excellent.”

“John Schaeffer is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. I would take many more courses from him again.”

"His relaxed manner and pace create a very good learning environment. He accommodates students with varying rates of learning."

- From student evaluations




Juniper GIS courses are eligible for educational achievement points awarded by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

GIS Training

Juniper GIS classes provide active learning for all GIS users

  • Active learning for GIS users - GIS class in KenyaGIS class exercises are based on actual projects in diverse areas, including parcels, roads, forests & fire hazard zones
  • Instructors who use ArcGIS and related software on a daily basis

Juniper GIS classes offer choices

  • Juniper GIS teaching at the USFWS national training center in West VirginiaOnsite group training. Get a price quote for onsite training.
  • Team project training
  • Juniper GIS-developed classes and custom designed classes. See Descriptions of GIS Classes.
  • Mix and match classes to meet your training needs
  • E-learning classes

John Schaeffer is the lead instructor for Juniper GIS

  • John teaching at the National Conservation Training Center for USFWS, West VirginiaGISP 
  • 25 years of GIS experience
  • Over 30 years of experience in technical education
  • Developed and taught GIS classes in community colleges and universities, for all levels of government and diverse industries.
  • ESRI Business Partner