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Working with Geometric Networks

This course is most appropriate for audiences that primarily work with utility data because it uses data applicable to utility networks, such as water systems. This course would also benefit anyone who is working with stream networks. Students will learn the fundamentals of creating and using Geometric Networks. Students will also learn how to import CAD files and use Spatial Adjustment tools to align data as part of a typical workflow. The last section will demonstrate the use of Trace tools for Network analysis.

Intended Audience

This course is an add-on to our Working with Geodatabases and Linear Referencing course, but can be taken as a stand-alone course if you already have some Geodatabase experience.

This course assumes you are comfortable using ArcGIS 10, that you are comfortable working with Geodatabases and Feature Datasets and that you have some editing experience. The course is written for ArcGIS 10, but will work with earlier versions, though the dialog boxes might be slightly different.

Course Outline

Students will learn these skills by working through a project using data from a Portland, Oregon area water utility. In the exercises you will bring in data from CAD, align this data, and import it into an existing Geodatabase. Then you will create a Geometric Network, set rules for connectivity, and learn how to edit Geometric networks and how to use them for analysis.


Module 1: Spatial Adjustment and importing CAD data

Module 2: Creating and Editing Geometric Networks


GISCI Education Credit: 6 Hours