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Juniper GIS courses are eligible for educational achievement points awarded by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

GIS Onsite Training

Our portable laptop computer lab lets us bring the training to you.GIS Group Training is effective when you have a group of GIS users at your organization who all need to learn or upgrade their GIS skills. We can bring hands-on GIS training to your location, making it the most convenient way to improve the skills and productivity of your GIS staff.  We have a variety of classes that can meet the needs of beginning and/or more advanced GIS users.  

Hosting a class is another way to make training convenient and connect with others in your GIS community.  Usually, eight to 12 people is the class size that is most cost-effective for onsite training. If you don't have enough people in your organization, we can help you partner with other agencies in your area.  Examples of successful partnerships that worked well in our experience are federal and state forest service with fish & wildlife agencies; local county governments with cities; multiple tribal organizations; and conservation groups joining together.  Contact us for help organizing a class in your area.

Team Project training is an opportunity for Juniper GIS to work with a small group of your staff on its current project; interspersing training modules to jumpstart the most challenging phases of your project.  This blend of training/consulting will leave your staff feeling more qualified to tackle the next round of projects.

GIS Camp is training that can be organized in a retreat-type atmosphere in your community or an exotic location.  We have found that a casual atmosphere without the standard office interruptions, combined with a natural setting actually makes it easier to focus on the complex methods that help people develop strong GIS technical skills.  You might have the perfect place in mind for GIS Camp for your staff, or we can help you find a great location. 

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